Sometimes, new beginnings feel like endings.

So I’ve tried to blog before. It hasn’t gone so well for me. At least since high school. Back then I didn’t really have the confidence to just let it all out, so a blog was a great way for me to let my crazy out. Over-chum the waters, as you will. (I’ll have to explain that reference sometime).

This spring kind of felt like an ending to me. A lot of great people in my life began to drift away. Only it wasn’t really drifting from me so much as it was finding themselves. I know I can’t hate them for that (in fact, I’m honored to have such talented, driven people around me!), but it was tough realizing that I honestly am not sure what makes me, me. Where am I going, if I’m not following the plan I always assumed I would?

This blog is going to begin as a way for me to pass the time, and hopefully connect with some kindred spirits out there who are equally lost. But don’t worry, I won’t be that deep all the time.

Phew’! First post out of the way. Short, but done. Now the pressure is off. Time to have fun!


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