Oh, the pain!

So I officially have middle school problems.

Last Friday I began my journey with Invisalign. And as excited as I am for straight teeth, I forgot some of the finer points of having braces I missed in my teens, and will now be going through at the ripe old age of 24.


This was the best I could do, trying to show you all the lovely orthodontic accessories.

My first failed attempt at trying to capture the beauty of my orthodontic accessories in action!

New Challenges My Life has Acquired Due To My Teeth:

1. Nothing crunchy for me. My back teeth hurt. I think it’s because the trays press on my fillings…

2. I can’t bite anything. Examples include sandwiches, chicken legs, foods that come on sticks, corn on the cob (which is essentially a stick), etc. Since I have to remove the trays to eat, I don’t get the added support around my shifting teeth that traditional braces provide, and the front teeth hurt too.

3. My tooth brush is my best friend. I have 3 now. One at home, one at work, and one that rides around in my purse. They each have toothpaste spouses and dental floss children.

4. In a true return to my days in band where mouth injuries were common, mouth sore mouthwash is a must. Particularly because the dang tray sliced my tongue on day 1 and I couldn’t talk for two days.

5.  Spit happens. All the time. There’s junk in my mouth, I can’t help but salivate.

6. I understand why chocolate is hated by most dentists. It’s a serious pain to try to get out of my teeth in a timely manner!

I’m waiting till next Friday to do my first official “Hey I have Invisalign!” post. I don’t want to be angsty unnecessarily. Plus, the pictures will probably speak for themselves.  I will then have gone through my first whole two week cycle.

Ok, enough ranting for this lunch pause. That subway flatbread I got? Not soft enough for these sensitive little guys… Time to brush!


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