The room I’ve never finished.

My entire life I’ve wanted a beautiful bedroom. A space that’s highly decorated, organized, magically stays clean – you know, that room in the magazines? Yup, that one. At age 6 I wanted a ninja turtles. Nine I wanted ballerinas. Thirteen begged for Spice Girls and 16 would have been an entire space filled with candles.

So when I got my first big-girl job and realized I would get to create a room all my own, I was more than a little excited. I began pinning away – finding ideas for projects, color schemes, etc. One giant trip to IKEA, several smaller ones to Hobby Lobby and voila! My room was beginning to take shape. Image

As you can see, I didn’t do too bad getting half of it done! I just hit this plateau. Just as with losing weight, sometimes things slow. And you gotta change it up.


The problem is, I’m not good at finishing projects by myself. With help I love working on things! I’ve been known to help people paint for nothing in return. I really do enjoy this kind of thing. But doing it alone was just so … boring. Image

And that’s how I came to have a half finished room. I’ve decided that this is the week I will finish! This is the half done part. I have 3 empty walls. Time to find some art projects…

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