Morgan Advice #1: Start your day with a dance party.

Well, it’s Wednesday.

Wednesday usually means boredom, tired, frustration, etc. The middle of the dang work week with nothing to look forward to except more work. Waking up on a Wednesday is hard. And even harder on mornings like today, where it was lovely and rainy and the perfect day to stay in bed watching movies and eating cereal all day.   But I have found a way to combat this! And it works. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

In the morning (and I do this everyday, not just on Wednesdays) while I’m getting ready, drinking my insanely large iced coffee, I turn on my iPod (LOUD) and I dance. All around my bathroom, just shaking it all up (or down, as the music calls for). Slow songs don’t really work, bonus points for mash-ups and rap (Best of DMX, anyone?). Yes it can be difficult to get started, but if you make sure you push play as soon as you get out of bed, by the time the coffee is in your hand, you can at least sway a little. Three minutes later? Full blown dancing will happen whether you planned on it or not.

As you can imagine, the more coffee I drink, the better the dancing gets and by the end of 20 minutes my makeup is done, coffee is gone, and I’m practically giggly running around my room dancing like a fool. And if I start the day that happy, how could the rest of it help but to go well?

This morning’s song of choice – Under the Booty. Just listen to it. You’ll be glad you did. And if you can listen to this without smiling, you’ve got bigger problems than a case of the Wednesdays.


One thought on “Morgan Advice #1: Start your day with a dance party.

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