Invisalign: The Beginning

Here it is. The post you’ve all been waiting for. My first official assessment of my brand-spankin-new Invisalign! (If you would like to see my first unofficial comments, check this out.)

First, a little background.

I’ve always wanted to fix my teeth. As a child of a single-parent household (shoutout to mom!), sometimes finances were a little tight. We had everything we needed, but paying a zillion dollars for something that’s mostly cosmetic just wasn’t in the budget. Luckily my teeth weren’t absolutely horrendous, but I was still self conscious about them. Shadows in pictures were the bane of my existence and my “good side” is clearly the angle from which my teeth look best.

My teeth on day one of invisalign! Yes, my trays are in. Yes, I was in pain. But it will be worth it! Also, this is NOT the good side. Also not the worst side… that’s farther down.

After graduating from college during the grandma’s house phase, I  had the freedom and disposable income to FINALLY begin working on my mouth. And oh, what a journey it has been. Wisdom teeth pulled last February, 8 fillings this January (don’t judge – I hadn’t had my teeth looked at in 13 years!) and as of two weeks ago, I’m finally on the Invisalign route.

While we’re on the subject, I’ve officially invested $7,500 into my mouth in the last 2 years. Which basically means I save every dime possible seeing as how I only make $30,000/year (It’s a state job. That mess is public. Be jealous of my riches!). Dental insurance companies really need to reconsider their limitations on orthodontic coverage. Nineteen is not a magical age past which you don’t need to fix your teeth! Straight teeth in the long run are easier to keep clean and will keep your mouth healthier – saving them money. End soap box.

But back to Invisalign. I chose this option because A. It’s cheaper than traditional braces (as discussed, I’m kinda poor), and B. I can take them out to appear more professional when necessary (It’s hard looking this young in a business setting! Gotta make my authority known).

Getting my impressions wasn’t bad. They put a bunch of goo in my mouth, pressed down, and voila! My finally healthy if still crooked teeth.Then there were pictures, again nbd. But the shocker of the whole getting Invisalign process – and lemme tell you, NOBODY WARNED ME – getting the attachments put on my teeth tasted absolutely disgusting. Like the worst taste I could ever imagine. Ever. It was then that I discovered my dentistry weakness – I can handle the pain. Drilling doesn’t bother me. Throw it all at me! And you can ask my dentist, I’m a serious champ in that chair (all those fillings I got? Done at one time. 3 hours of drilling and I stuck the landing. BAM.) But something that tastes bitter/burney/hot/salty all at once? Nope. Can’t do it. Check me out now.

As far as life with the trays goes, it’s pretty normal now. But it definitely took several days to get used to. I couldn’t stop fiddling with them! Putting them on and taking them off for the first few days of the first set of trays was mildly torturous. I won’t lie, it hurt. I had a terrible migraine for the entire first day, but once my teeth adjusted it got much better. I just put in the second set of trays Thursday evening. Not nearly as bad as the first! I think my teeth are a little looser in my head now. I wasn’t supposed to put them in until Friday morning, but if it’s going to hurt, why would I choose to be awake for it? That way, I got to sleep through the first 8 miserable hours. Also my first set of trays sliced my tongue open. I used spongey sports tape to cover the rough edge. I’ve also heard filing or melting wax on a rough spot can work, but the tape worked best for me.

This is that “bad side” angle I was talking about. Ahhh, shadow tooth. I can’t wait for you to be gone! This picture particularly highlights the attachments on my teeth. They just look like bubbles unless you inspect closely. You really don’t notice them unless I point them out.

So I will be updating pictures as my mouth makes progress and note anything important. At the end I intend to post a true before and after picture! Should turn out well since I’m being good and wearing my trays all the dang time.

Well, have a great Saturday! A good DIY post will be coming in the next couple of days…


4 thoughts on “Invisalign: The Beginning

  1. Alas, I am dying laughing ——-could we put it on our Facebook page??????? so cute – OH, at my friend’s, could we use it in Gentle Dental site???? YOU are so cute. Dr. P

  2. I love the testimonies and responses. Keep up the good work team!!!! I am so much more comfortable coming to the dentist now…But I’m still the princess from “The Princess and the Pea”!!!! I feel every little thing!!! Love you all!!!!

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