A Day In the Life of Morgan

6:10 AM – Wake up. Crawl to foot of bed. Turn on iPod.

6:12: AM – Kitchen. Coffee. Hopefully I made it the night before and it’s already cold.

6:18 AM – Turn up music, drink coffee, dance. Brush teeth.

6:40 AM – ACTUALLY begin getting ready.

7:15 AM – check Facebook. While dancing.

7:25 AM – fix lunch (aka scrounge through freezer), coffee refill. Loudest song yet.

7:35 AM – leave house. Get in traffic. Yell at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show (only when they make me feel guilty for being white).

7:45 AM – Arrive at work. Continue dance party in my head.

9:45 AM – Arrival of tour guides, round one. Stomach begins to growl.

10:45 AM – Eat lunch. Brush teeth. Reinsert Invisalign.

12:00 PM – Diet Cherry Coke.

1:45 PM – Arrival of tour guides, round two. Hear stories about their lives. Reminisce about undergrad when I had a social life.

3:00 PM – stomach growls, round two. Eat Greek yogurt. Suddenly get really excited for the gym. More brushing of the teeth.

5:00 PM – Gym time! Contain excitement! Try not to talk to the people you constantly see there but never speak to as if you know about their lives! These are my people! Ahhh! I belong! Squeal for joy. Try to invent a way I get to stay at the gym forever.

7:30 PM – Trudge home from gym. Tired. Look gross. Hair turning into dreads. Sad I’m leaving. Sadder I didn’t talk to the cute boy … again. Plan conversation with said boy for tomorrow. Drink protein shake.

8:30 PM – Dinner. Chicken. Broccoli. Possibly bake things to take to work tomorrow. Those boys can eat all this butter/sugar and not inflate to blueberry-girl proportions! Brush teeth again.

10:30 PM – Facebook. Avoid wedding / engagement announcements / pictures.Convince myself not to stick my face into a bag of chocolate chips upon accidentally seeing a few.

10:42 PM – Look for baby albums on Facebook. Rejoice in the lack of diapers in my world. Contemplate eating chocolate chips in celebration!

11:30 PM – Bed. Ignore text messages from friends who don’t have real jobs yet and don’t have to get up in the morning.

11:45 PM – Smile. It could be worse. People love me. I love them too. 🙂


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