And then we were domestic.

So I live in a rental condo. On the surface, it’s amazing. Well decorated, smells good, looks good from the outside. You know, all the “important” stuff.

So I hulked out on our dryer tonight...

Thanks to a handy youtube video, we deconstructed our dryer!

And then there’s the seedy underbelly. Like the most beautiful neighborhood, this place has its issues – they just hide until the most inopportune moment. Last saturday night the one that decided to rear its ugly head was the dryer.

For the last 8 months or so, it’s been squeaking. On and off, not too terrible. But tonight it started making this ungodly loud noise accented by rhythmic beating. It sounded like a heard of mice learning to rap while running on a wheel.

So we decided to take action! Roomie Alan and I went to work and pulled the whole dang thing apart. We started by googling “squeaky dryer” which produced an amazing step-by-step Youtube video (imbedded below!). We found the offending plastic piece, ordered a new one, had a house full of deconstructed dryer parts for 5 days waiting, and then it arrived! Sweat, tears and a whole lot of laughter later, the dryer is fixed and we are feeling pretty legit.(For the record, it was the drum support bearing that needed replacing. Half of it was nearly missing! Talk about lots of little shards of plastic inside the dryer…)

Yeah, all that gunk? Not supposed to be there. Not supposed to be there at all. Best part – there was pet hair in there. Our rental doesn’t allow pets…

This past year, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s not to be intimidated by anything. And it’s funny how something like a broken dryer can remind you exactly how you need to approach life in general. As I said, do not be intimidated by life! Not at work, at home – nothing! Because being intimidated will not help you in the long run – you’ll just wind up with a squeaky dryer and wet clothes always wondering if things could have been different.

I don’t do new years resolutions – giving something that title alone pretty much insures your failure. But this year’s personal improvement goal was and still is to go get the things that I want. Don’t be afraid to do it! Because no amount of hard work should deter you from your goals. It will only make you appreciate it more when you get there.

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