Table for one?

Writers note: please view this link prior to reading this post. I need you in the proper mindset. Cause this one has a lot of sass.

Ok. So in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a single girl. A very, very single girl. Which could explain how I have so much time for blogging.

I’ve officially been single for 3 years. Which is now one third of my twenties. In that 3 year span, I’ve lost 65 lbs, graduated from college, paid of almost all of my debit, got a new car, invisaligned my teeth (in progress), and generally improved myself. In fact, I’m kind of awesome. And no, that’s not me saying I’m awesome as much as it’s how awesome my friends tell me I am.

Now here’s my question:If I’m that darn awesome, why can’t I meet anyone normal? With no kids, a job and some sort of ambition? Preferably taller than me.

During this marathon more-than-dry spell, I’ve really come to terms with being single. As you can tell, self-improvement is my outlet. But as much as I like to go to the gym, I’d rather have plans on a Friday night. Heck, maybe even a gym date with a guy who equally shares my love for endorphin rushes. Then we can get protein smoothies and chat in our sweat-soaked aura of love while making all the other gym people jealous of our general success and attractiveness!

Well, maybe not all that.

It’s not like I’m trying to get married tomorrow. In fact, that kind of terrifies me. But I can’t help but wonder what will happen if I’m say 30 and in the same boat still. Like a paddle-boat with one paddler, spinning in a circle waiting for someone to jump in and help me start getting somewhere in life.

I am perfectly rational. I know worrying about this won’t get me anywhere. The emotional meltdown I had last night? Helped all of zero people. But when people say “you just need to put yourself out there more” or “It will happen when you’re not trying” I really kind of want to rip my hair out while karate chopping them in the face. Nothing in my life has come without work. Nothing at all. So what would lead me to believe a forever kind of love will happen that way? That’s just irrational.

So if any of you know a nice, normal, single guy between the ages of 25-31, with a job, no kids, who likes to eat, also stays active, happens to be over 5’8, doesn’t hate rap music, and can deal with a workaholic caffeine addict?  Holla at ya girl.


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