Red hair, don’t care! … Oh, but really I do.

Well tomorrow is Friday! The end of another week. Two of my best friends are coming to town and my doppelganger movie is coming out – Brave. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Ginger. And absolutely love that Pixar is featuring not only a ginger, but a strong woman who exemplifies a lot of what I either already do or strive to be in life.  And I have secret archery skills.

Ok, maybe not on the archery skills.

I suppose I should also include the reason for this post. I went on a pretty awesome first date this week. Which, as a post-grad in a college town doesn’t happen. Ever, really. Thought Catalog agrees. We had GREAT conversation (which is a deal breaker for me), great time, overall awesome. Both expressed a significant interest in doing it again. But there is NOTHING like a great date to bring out the insecurity in even the most sane of women. You start thinking. And questioning. And debating what went right and went wrong. And all kinds of nutso mental activities that really draw a lot of energy from your daily activities. I had a crap workout yesterday night solely because of this! And you know what the difference between a girl like me and the crazy  girl is? I don’t act on my crazy thoughts. I hold it in. I may explode.

See the resemblance?

Oh hey, there’s me. Real-life Merida.

Anywho, in prepping to go see my movie it really got me thinking. Being a strong, independent woman has a ton of advantages. The amount of badassery I exude on a daily basis would make most people jealous. But there are a couple of things that I don’t get the option of indulging in.

1. I will never be the clingy girl. Now I know, everyone hates the clingy girlfriend. She’s just too much and kind of annoys you. But you know what? She’s not sitting wondering if a guy likes her. She’s texting the hooha out of him until he tells her. The last three guys I’ve gone on dates with have express their appreciation for my ability to be laid back in this aspect. And it’s true, I’m pretty relaxed most of the time. . But in these beginning stages where you really don’t even know if the other person is truly interested? What I would give to badger. Oh the peace of mind.

2. I can’t play dumb. You know I know. I know you know I know. I guess we should move on with life now.

3. Sometimes, I become one of the guys. Admittedly, I love guys. And more than just romantic love: I love hanging out with guys, talking with guys, learning all your stupid man secrets, sitting through 4-hour NCAA tournaments. All boy things. But dear god, there are times I want to be the girl. You can tell me I look nice once in a while and not worry I’m going to decide you must be mine. On the flip side, if you are interested in me? Please say something. Us dating won’t mean I will stop laughing at your inappropriate jokes or eating junk food while watching an Archer marathon. In fact, that could get better (junk food and Archer marathon in bed? I think so.).

As little girls, we’re taught to admire strong heroines. I grew up in the years of girl power and shoulder pads. With so many male friends, I know what they like in girls. I try not to repeat the mistakes I see other girls make (ie: “OMG. baby I miss you! We haven’t texted in 43 minutes! Hang out with me instead of your friends tonight. 🙂 ❤ :*:*:*” Barf. Gag.). But if I’m going to be this legit and considerate with you? Dear god, do the same for me. Text me back. Tell me I’m pretty. Lets keep it moving.

So if any guys are reading this, tell that awesome girl in your life she’s awesome. She needs to hear it to keep from becoming less awesome and more annoying. Plus, who knows if she’s supposed to become your bow-wielding, overly-ambitious, confident, non-princess heroine?


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