Real progress on my room!

So I finally finished the mosaic type piece of artwork I’ve been working on for months!

I know I should have contained that and lead up to it in suspense a little better, but when you’ve been working on something for the better part of 8 months, it’s hard to hold back. Now no, this is not a mandatory 8-month project if you’re interested, I just happen to be great at procrastinating.Clearly, the most tedious part was slicing all the dang paper squares. I mean, I had squares coming out of my ears. And by that I mean solo cups filled with them sitting around in almost every room.

Over the past few weeks, almost all of my friends have been gone for some period of time. I guess that amount of boredom and solitude was exactly what I needed to get me on my way!

Now I can’t take credit for this amazing idea. The original piece was from Pottery Barn. And we all know how stupid expensive their stuff is. I found a tutorial on how to make my own at U Create. And the genius part? It was only using a canvas, paint, scrapbook paper and mod podge! Total, I spent maybe $20. Which, for a classy piece of artwork over my bed is kind of nothing.

So here it is! I hope you like it as much as I do. Now on to figuring out what to do with my other two walls….


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