Let’s have a kiki!

So I’ve been slacking on the blog for a couple weeks now. In fact, I’ve been slacking on life.cooking. fun. Pretty much everything outside of work and the gym (the two mandatory items in my life). But I’ve officially declared today the end of my funk! No more will I wallow! I will do things! I will cook again! I will resume baking! … which I’m sure the boys I work with will appreciate.

Now I wish I could mark the end of the funk with a kiki. What’s a kiki you say? Well just watch this video.

Ok, so to recap (or in case you didn’t listen. Or you got distracted and started shimmying around the house), a kiki is a party you have with your friends at home. No one to impress. Just fun. Sadly, quite a few pieces of a kiki are missing for me – namely, a bunch of besties who are off being successful around the world. From Paraguay, to just a couple of hours away, all being amazing. All people I’m incredibly lucky to have in my life.

The last kiki I had was with my boys (at some point, they’ll get a post. I just haven’t figured out how to fully explain them via text.). I’m sure you all are beginning to get to know me. And part of me is my love of cooking. And feeding people I love. And my absolute disdain for boxed mixes.

So when the boys showed up with a boxed cake mix begging for cake at 9 PM, it took everything in me not to throw it in the trash. But my love of them and what they mean in my life was worth way more than a box mix. So I made the kitchy red, white and blue cake. And we drank wine. And listened to music, and gossiped and just were.And it was wonderful in every possible way one could imagine.

I wouldn’t be me, without the support of my amazing friends. In fact, I don’t think I would be much of anywhere. So thank you all. Come eat my food if you’re hungry. Call me if you need support. Lean on me whenever you need. Because I know you all do that for me. You help contain my crazy.

Wanna have a kiki?


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