New and Notable Website: – Plus some life ramblings.

Ok, so I’ve been avoiding posting about this. And I really don’t know why. So it’s time for a confession.

I used to be fat. Now I’m not a tiny girl. Never have been, most likely never will be. And clearly, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know I eat. But once, not too long ago, I was a BIG girl. Thinking back to my old ways and old body kills me. I will write about my transition from then to now sometime – but quite honestly, it’s still a little hard to think about. I’ve come a LONG way and now consider myself a bit of a gym rat. I’m there most days, know a lot of people, and generally just enjoy the gym atmosphere + workout folk combo.

phew. Thanks for bearing with me – had to get that off my chest.

Anywho, the reason for this post: this week I was interviewed for a new fitness website! is a startup in the process of becoming something awesome. It’s basically going to be a home-base for people who enjoy fitness (or are just starting) and offer reviews, schedules, information about fitness classes/gyms in your area. Anyone who has taken any amount of group fitness can tell you, a lot of it depends on the instructor and your workout style. And how helpful will it be for a beginner to be able to get on and learn a little before going into a new environment? Or if you’re new to the area, you can go find a place/class/instructor/trainer who works the way you enjoy, etc. Ok, I’m starting to ramble here. But I think this could be very interesting as it moves forward. It is still in Beta, but I know they’re working out the kinks as we speak. And If you know me, you know how excited I am for another outlet for my sass…

If you really want to see me in all my glory, keep an eye on their blog – There will be a video. 🙂 Plus you will get to see me talk about group fitness – the ingredient to my success that I would be most lost without. It was really fun talking about something I’m so passionate about. And I know that makes me sound like one of those weirdo, eccentric fitness people.  But you don’t lose 100 lbs sitting on your butt and you don’t keep it off by hating the gym (especially if you love to eat like I do).

It also made me realize that I’ve been a bit of a slacker in recent weeks. Yes, I’m going to class. But I’m not sore the way I should be. I’m not kicking my own tush on my days without classes. I might have run 3 miles last night, but could I have followed that with some lower body? Probably. So with that, I pledge to be renewed in my efforts. I will not become complacent with where I am – as I can always be better.

So this week, lets all try our best to not get discouraged. Whether it’s your workout regiment or work or friends, family, love life … lets choose to work on it. Lest the happy people’s happy pictures on Facebook let us feel less than awesome about life.


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