Invisalign: 12 (ish) weeks in.

Ok, so I’m now well on my way to straight teeth! I would swear to you that I can see a difference, but who knows if you actually can. I am pleased to announce that the Invisalign has become part of my everyday life. And I haven’t had a set that sliced my tongue open in more than a month!

Anywho, invisalign and I are besties. Current biggest dilemma in the whole process? How to keep my trays clean! There’s really only so much one can do – and I certainly spend enough time each day brushing my teeth/trays. Yes, I use toothpaste on them. Yes, I go through a lot of toothpaste/floss now. Incidental expenses you don’t think about. I’ve recently discovered that while I’m at home, if I take them out to eat it helps to soak them in water. So I have a solo cup next to my sink they swim around in during dinner. Add some mouthwash and then they taste better when you put them back in as well. Oh, you didn’t know they have a taste? Let me tell you, a week into each set there’s a taste. REGARDLESS of how hard you work.

I had my first INvisalign related accident recently. Honesty, it was inevitable. I had to put this set in 5 days early. Why early, you ask? Well what had happened was…

I went out of town for the weekend a couple weeks ago. While out of town, we went out gallivanting one evening. During the excursion, I took them out to eat dinner. Put them, diligently in their case, and went on my way. Apparently, at some point said case jumped out of my purse, onto the sidewalk outside the restaurant and never came back. I’m now so used to having them in that I don’t really feel them anymore. It was several hours until I realized “hey! my mouth feels a little empty.” Followed almost immediately by “OH DEAR LORD WHERE DID THEY GO.” Luckily, I returned home the following day and put the new ones in immediately. And honestly? It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting. Definitely less than the first day of the first set.

You would think I had learned some sort of lesson from all of this. But you know what I really learned?

There should be some sort of accelerated option for those of us willing to deal with the pain and put them in like 4 days early each cycle. At that point in the two weeks I can no longer feel them shifting anything. In fact, after like the fourth day I can’t feel them anymore. But maybe that’s because I avoid taking them out at all costs during the first two days. (see previous pain related posts for that one.) End tangent.

So have I seen any real changes yet? The biggest measure of “how much have Morgan’s teeth moved” is in the flossing at this point. I can see a little difference, but the thing I noticed first is how easy it is to floss between teeth that were previously quite a challenge. And it has nothing to do with that sandpaper they enjoy grinding between my teeth. Prior to this, I never realized how much food can get trapped between your teeth! Like lots. And it’s gross. Seriously people, FLOSS YOUR TEETH. Especially after eating anything involving shredded meat… *shudder* Or asparagus. Or fruit with skin. Really anything that can become stringy.

Now this next item may kind of gross you out, but I’m the type of person who needs to see progress or I get lazy. And what was the best way to remind myself where I started?  I kept the first set of top trays (don’t worry, I cleaned them). And as I’m putting in new ones, I compare them to the first. I think I can see more movement on my actual teeth than comparing the trays, but I like to pretend.

Side note: aside from seeing my teeth shift, I’m pretty sure my bite has changed. And in turn, my face shape. It looks longer now. I may be making that up, but I’m pretty familiar with what my face usually looks like. And I think it’s different.
So these pictures are not easy to take of myself. It’s official. I may have to begin enlisting a roommate. And do I always wear headphones in the bathroom? While I’m getting ready for work in the morning – yes. Remember those dance parties? I try to be a little considerate…sometimes…

Welp, that’s it for my update! Hope you’ve all got fun weekends planned. I may go clean something. Next weekend is my pseudo-vacation! Hopefully that will mean some excitement to tell y’all about…


7 thoughts on “Invisalign: 12 (ish) weeks in.

  1. I know it sounds strange but this is what my ortho recommends: clean the trays by soaking them in 50% vinegar and 50% water, then brushing after if needed. It’s cleans them perfectly and there’s no taste/smell afterwards.

  2. This is also going to sound strange, but when I had a retainer my ortho suggested cleaning it with denture cleaner…those fizzy tablets you drop in water and them put the retainer (or invisalign tray in your case) in the fizzy water.

    • I had someone mention that to me this morning as well! I’ve been trying the vinegar thing for a couple days now and it seems to be going well. I may try the denture stuff since I’m going on vacation this weekend.

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