Invisalign. Month … 11?

Ok. So MANY of you have been peeved that I haven’t given a teeth update in a while. Well here it is!

I will let you know, Invisalign has been quite the experience. It’s been effective and quick. But it definitely takes some commitment. And perseverance. The brushing, flossing, giving up crunchy foods, migraine the day you get new trays … it doesn’t stop. You learn to deal and cope, but it keeps happening. And let me tell you, I can’t WAIT to be done. But it’s looking like it will be a little longer than anticipated.

Here are some pictures. And yes, as usual, it was a bathroom photo shoot for me. Also, predictably, it ended in a string of selfies. But alas, sometimes that can’t be helped.  You can see a definite difference since my last Invisalign post. If you have any questions, just post them below and I’d be happy to respond!

I’m off to cook dinner with the boo. And then, as usual, brush and floss and put my trays back in. 🙂




_MG_8193 _MG_8196










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